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How to Fix Garage Door Springs

How to Fix Garage Door Springs

How to Fix Garage Door Springs? Garage doors are not just essential components of our homes; they play a crucial role in providing security and convenience. When issues arise with the springs and cables, it can be a major inconvenience, disrupting our daily routines...

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Most Common Issues with Garage Doors

There are a few reasons why your garage door could having issues. Being that it is an automated pulley system. Mechanical pulley system if you don't have an opener installed. The pulley system uses springs as a counter balance for the garage while the cables help to...

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3 Steps: Garage Door Inspection

Garage Door Inspection You’re running late for work.  You rush into your garage.  Pile into your car, and start the engine.  When you press the button on the remote for your garage door opener nothing happens.  You realize your garage door is...

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Why do garage door springs break?

Sometimes the wear and tear from the weather can cause damage to the Garage Door Spring. The cumulative time for it to break is about 7-9 years, if the garage door is being used used as a main entrance to your home, you can expect the life expectancy of your garage...

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I recently had them replace a garage door opener and I couldn’t be more pleased with their price and service. When Sean the service technician finished installing the opener he spent some time lubricating the existing garage door and tightening the bolts, etc which eliminated every squeak from the probably 20-year-old door. Thank you Sean and Angel Garage Door Repair Los Angeles!

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