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Most Common Issues with Garage Doors

by | Jan 25, 2017 | Garage Door Repair Los Angeles CA | 0 comments

Garage Door IssuesThere are a few reasons why your garage door could having issues. Being that it is an automated pulley system. Mechanical pulley system if you don’t have an opener installed. The pulley system uses springs as a counter balance for the garage while the cables help to guide and keep it balanced as it continues to move. This delicate orchestra of engineering could have one or more issues. Here are the most common issues with garage doors:

The garage door closes loudly

A broken spring could be the culprit in this case. if you have a 9×7 garage door you will find the torsion springs located above the door. If you have extension springs you can find them on either side of the garage door. If one is broken you will need a replacement.

Don’t try to move the door or remove the springs yourself. The springs are under a lot of tension with most garage doors weighing about 164lbs. You don’t want that kind of force making contact with you. Calling a professional company like Garage Door Repair Los Angeles can help you deal with the issue and keep you safe. If it’s not the springs then the cables could be the ones causing all of the issues for your garage door.

The door is no longer on the track.

The pulley system in most garage doors require a track to guide it with rollers that glide and help to make the movement as fluid as possible. The brackets holding the track in place sometimes could give out. Considering your garage door might get heavy use depending on how you use your garage. It is not uncommon for a garage door to come off its track. But again it is very dangerous to attempt to fix it yourself. Garage Door Repair Los Angeles has a longstanding tradition of being the shit when it comes to setting your garage door back on its track.

The door doesn’t open sometimes

This shouldn’t be too much of an issue you. If your door won’t open try using the button installed on the wall or if one isn’t installed the one directly on the opener. If you find that it still opens then the problem should be your garage door remote running low on batteries.

The door doesn’t shut all the way and stays open

Garage doors have a couple of sensors which essentially produce the nonvisible laser that allows the opener to know whether there is something in the way if the light doesn’t come through from one to the other. This was added due to some tragic occurrences that made the sensor’s standard. If your garage door is just staying open with no problem that is audible in the opener then the sensors might not be lined up properly causing the opener to think there’s an obstruction. Clean the lenses and attempt to line them up. Once done the garage door should shut. If not then call a professional garage door company like our own.

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I recently had them replace a garage door opener and I couldn’t be more pleased with their price and service. When Sean the service technician finished installing the opener he spent some time lubricating the existing garage door and tightening the bolts, etc which eliminated every squeak from the probably 20-year-old door. Thank you Sean and Local Garage Door Repair Los Angeles!

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